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Engine maintenance precautions

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Theenginemanufacturerbringsyoutheenginemaintenanceprecautions,andtheengineshouldalsopayattentiontotheenginemaintenancewhenusingit.Let'stakealookattherelatedcontent. Thewholeengineisveryimportantforthe
The engine manufacturer brings you the engine maintenance precautions, and the engine should also pay attention to the engine maintenance when using it. Let's take a look at the related content.
The whole engine is very important for the car and is the heart of the car. Usually we have the misunderstanding of engine maintenance. Today we will talk about the eight misunderstandings of engine maintenance and the maintenance precautions for the transmitter.
1 Failure to maintain the engine on time. It is not only necessary to carry out the maintenance of the engine during the regular maintenance period, but also to check and maintain the relevant parts of the engine when driving in areas that are particularly humid or extremely dusty.
2 The deterioration of the engine oil and the oil filter are not smooth. Don't add less oil, but don't add more. The more expensive the brand-name synthetic motor oil, the better. The oil for your car is the best.
3 The air filter is clogged. Depending on the application, the air filter should be cleaned regularly. The high-pressure air can be blown from the inside out to blow out the dust from the filter.
4 The intake pipe is too dirty. If the vehicle is often driven by a road area with more dust and poor air quality, you should pay attention to cleaning the intake pipe to ensure the smooth flow of the air.
5 crankcase oil is too much. To reduce sludge production, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel, so it is recommended that the owner refuel as much as possible to the regular gas station.
6 The fuel system is not well maintained. Regularly remove tank deposits, remove deposits from the fuel filter, and properly maintain air filters, tanks, and piping
7 The water tank is rusty and scaled. Rusty and scaling of automobile engine water tanks are the most common problems. Regular use of the tank's powerful and highly efficient cleaning agent to clean the water tank to remove rust and scale, not only to ensure the engine is working properly, engine maintenance precautions and to extend the overall life of the tank and engine.
The diesel generator adjustment method can connect the ammeter and the battery in series and connect it to the terminal of the battery of the regulator. Start the generator and slowly increase the speed. Observe the pointer of the ammeter on the tractor when the contacts of the interceptor are closed. When the closing voltage is high, the pointer of the ammeter will swing in the "+" direction, and the tension of the point spring should be reduced. When the closing voltage is low, the pointer of the ammeter will swing in the "-" direction, and the tension of the spring should be increased. When the closing voltage is appropriate, it is when the current meter pointer is wrong when the shut-off contact is closed.
The principle of this adjustment is: when the dry battery and the battery are connected in series, a certain potential is generated, and the generator also has a certain voltage. When the two are not equal, a current is generated. When the former is larger than the latter, the ammeter points to "-" and vice versa to "+". When the two potentials are similar, the pointer of the ammeter does not swing.
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