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Iresearch engine for car boost

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Whataretheprecautionsfortheenginewhenitisusedintheday? 1.Checkengineoillevelandwaterlevelbeforestartingeachtime.Ifitisnotenough,itmustbeaddedandcheckthetightnessoftheenginebelt. 2.Cannotaccelerateimme
What are the precautions for the engine when it is used in the day?
1. Check engine oil level and water level before starting each time. If it is not enough, it must be added and check the tightness of the engine belt.
2. Can not accelerate immediately after starting up, you need to idle for 3-5 minutes to accelerate.
3. Attention should be paid to observe the engine water temperature and the change of engine oil pressure during operation, and stop the machine immediately if there is abnormal response.
4. After the engine runs at high speed, it should be idle for 3-5 minutes before it can stop to take away the heat of the supercharger to protect and extend the service life of the supercharger.
When the engine is in use, learn more about its precautions and use the engine better.
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