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Engine fuel saving tips

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How to save fuel when the engine is in use? Come and find out. How to use the engine to save fuel.

From the standpoint of fuel economy, the following points should be paid attention to in the driving operation: the engine speed must be controlled in the engine. There is a minimum fuel consumption speed in a car, called the economic speed. High and below this speed will increase fuel consumption.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, try to use the car to block the inertia sliding to achieve the purpose of fuel saving. Choose different modes of operation depending on the road conditions. Control the cooling water temperature of the engine. Generally, the water temperature is controlled at about 90 °C.

Too high or too low will reduce engine performance and shorten engine life. The main influence on the fuel consumption is the low water temperature. Because the cooling water temperature is low and the engine is too cold, a large amount of heat energy is taken away by the cooling water and the cooling air, and the thermal efficiency is lowered. Generally, for every 10 °C reduction in water temperature, the engine will increase fuel consumption by 2.5%.

These are some tips on engine fuel economy, I hope to help you.