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Why is there oil in the diesel tank?

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Sometimestherewillbefaults,differentfaultshavedifferentsolutions,andyouknowhowmanyfaultstheDeutzenginehas.HerearetwocommonfaultsforDeutzengines. WhyisthereoilintheDeutzdieselenginetank? Themainfactors
Sometimes there will be faults, different faults have different solutions, and you know how many faults the Deutz engine has. Here are two common faults for Deutz engines.
Why is there oil in the Deutz diesel engine tank?
The main factors contributing to the organic oil in the tank are:
(1) The oil passage in the front cover of the cylinder head of Deutz diesel engine has aluminum stagnation, the assembly of aluminum sluice is not required or missing, and the oil enters the waterway;
(2) The cylinder head oil passage of the engine body is connected with the water channel by the sand hole, and the copper tube of the oil cylinder hole of the cylinder head of the engine body is loose and not riveted;
(3) The cylinder head oil passage and the waterway wall have blisters, shrinkage or cracks;
(4) The oil cooler cover has cracks in the oil eye and the oil cooler core, the oil cooler assembly “O” seal is not well assembled, the “O” rubber ring has insufficient aging elasticity, and the oil cooler core “O” ring The groove processing is too deep and the tolerance is insufficient for the "O" ring sealing pressure.
Why is there water in the oil pan?
After entering the cooling water in the oil sump, the oil is deteriorated, and the main causes of water in the oil sump are:
(1) The cylinder block water ring is melted or aged and ruptured;
(2) The cylinder head has cracked sand holes;
(3) The wet cylinder liner is cracked or has a sand hole shrinkage
(4) Wet cylinder liner break;
(5) There are casting defects such as cracks or shrinkage of the sand hole in the body cavity;
(6) There is a quality problem with the oil cooler. When the Deutz diesel engine is not working, water flows into the oil sump.
The above are two of the common faults of the Deutz engine, and more understanding of the common fault handling methods, will not be able to deal with the engine failure in the future.
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